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4 Insight Innovations Smart Researchers are Watching

Market research is a constantly evolving industry, with innovations happening in all stages of the research experience. Because the insights industry is constantly evolving and expanding to include new disciplines, technologies, and methodologies, there is almost too much going on. It has been hard to whittle all of the innovations down to what I believe are 4 of the most important ones:

1. Artificial Intelligence Innovations

Technology has been a huge catalyst for innovation within the insights industry, and one of the biggest innovations that has come out of this is the invention and development of artificial intelligence.

2. The Research Applications of Smart Technology

AI and IoT evolution will lead to many future research applications, such as automation of basic processes and the potential incorporation of Smart Technology into the research repertoire. With the owning of smart technology and the potential for fully connected homes on the rise, researchers should be more excited about taking advantage of this kind of technological adoption.

3. Social Media, Semiotics, and Visual Communication

Visual aids are becoming a staple in modern communication, whether through GIFs, Memes, or Emojis, whether on their own or combined with written text, these visual aids add a level of depth that written text alone can’t.

  • Social Semiotics (very dependent on the various contexts in which the visual communication was created and used)

4. Creative Reporting for Insights Activation

With all of the innovation that is continuously updating the myriad of data collection and analysis methods in market research, there is very little going on in the reporting stage of the research experience. Graphs, data tables, and copious written explanations just aren’t engaging enough to keep up with the increasingly visual and digital culture we are perpetuating. And with all of the innovation going on to enhance the different stages of market research, these reports are starting to look and feel very outdated.

The Future of Insights

As I said earlier, it was hard to whittle down the list to just four insight innovations to concentrate on, which is why they’re so broad in terms of their place in the industry. AI, smart technology, gamification, VR and AR, social media listening, creative reporting, neuro-research and behavioural economics, truly smart researchers should be watching the many, many different innovations to incorporate into and enhance their own personal offering within the industry, as well as the offering of the insights industry itself.

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