Animated Insights: Creative Approaches to Presenting Information

Generating data is only half of the research process. The other half is interpreting that data, generating insights, and presented in an impactful way. Creative reporting is a relatively recent innovation in market research, with written reports taking the spotlight for most requested format up until the past few years.

Data visualisation techniques have developed rapidly with the help of technology, and thus more creative data reporting has filtered into the market research sphere, enticing stakeholders and more accurately presenting valuable insights.

But are there more ways of creatively presenting information to better engage stakeholders and clients in market research?

Creative Approaches to Presenting Information

Stakeholder engagement is an increasing concern for market research; the more we rely on data tables, charts, and graphs, the less we capture their attention and make them listen to the insights we generate for them. SO how can we construct research reports to ensure that we cultivate engagement from stakeholders and actively drive action from those insights?

Well, this video mentions four forms of research report that we can use to creatively present quality insights in ways that are proven to retain stakeholder engagement and power insight-driven decision-making processes.

Reach isn’t a stationary statistic. There are number of ways we can extend the reach of insights — here are just four to help kickstart your data campaign within an organisation.

Written Reports

While written reports might have lost their charm a little bit, they’re still one of the most used forms of research report today, typically in the form of PowerPoint presentations; so, how can we use these forms of report to creatively present information?

The first is through storytelling techniques. Is the language your using formal and stiff? Or can you take a leaf from the book of journalism and use language that intrigues your audience, makes them pay attention to what you have to say? Also, is the structure of your report the most intuitive? Short, neatly constructed written reports make it much easier for the reader to digest your insights.


Infographics are one of the other more popular forms of research report, growing in popularity thanks to their eye-catching layouts, easy-to-scan reading ability and penchant for presenting only the most relevant insights for stakeholders due to space allocation.

These infographics are most impactful when they have a clear message to convey, and the images surrounding it can be created with the insights in mind — the colours used, the graphics designed, and the structure/layout chosen all intertwines with the stakeholders (through dedicated branding choices) and the insights (all designed to draw attention to the right insights at the right time). To view a few infographics that communicate data and insights in a creative manner, check out some of our own here.


One of the most up and coming research report formats, video is an incredibly engaging platform to present quality insights.

With video insight professionals have a lot of scope to include animation, recorded videos, and more to engage stakeholders and better connect them to the research respondents they’ve asked for insight. As with the infographic, when constructing video reports, insight professionals should consider the colours, structure, language, and style of video they create to enhance the insights, drawing attention to the relevant insights at the best time to fully capture stakeholder attention. The narrative you create will greatly influence the reception of the insights you’re presenting, so some creative writing tricks wouldn’t go amiss here.

Customer-centricity is one great direct result of extending the reach of data within an organisation; embedding the voice of both customers and consumers into the heart of all decisions.

Abstract Expressions

This particular form of research report is still in its infancy, with only a small number of insight professionals playing with this form of research report. FlexMR conducted an Insight as Art campaign in 2019 and again in 2020, experimenting with using art as a medium of communicating complex insights.

Our Insight as Art endeavour opened our eyes to the possibilities of extending the scope of research reports, and that insights can be presented exclusively visually and exceed the level of impact on stakeholders than normal research reports. A little bit of difference at this time actually helped inform key decision within the boardrooms of more than 50 international brands. Read more about the award-winning Insight as Art campaign here.

The Animated Insight Series

Our Animated Insight videos take a look under the hood of some of the less explored areas of the research industry. From the history and development of the sector, to recent trends shaping consumer behaviours — we want to present these topics in a fun, engaging and dynamic way. Because, after all, why shouldn’t market research be fun?

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