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Christmas 2015: A Marketer’s Guide to the Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. Christmas is nearly upon us and marketers all across the country are gearing up for one final push before the holiday season hits. This year’s Christmas marketing will undoubtedly repeat a tried and tested formula.

But for those whowant to maintain a competitive advantage through the holiday season, it is imperative to understand the changes in behaviour and opinion that will affect 2015 Christmas shopping trends. To that end, we’ve produced the marketer’s guide to the holiday season infographic to help you plan the perfect Christmas sales strategy.

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So what can we learn from this year’s report? Well, the first statistic that should stand out to marketers is the proportion of consumers that will be shopping in-store, online and on mobile. While in-store shopping still maintains a strong hold over consumers, online shopping has overtaken it as the most popular Christmas shopping method. But more surprising is the absence of mobile in this mix. Only 8% of consumers plan to purchase gifts on mobile devices, reflecting some of the challenges that portable devices have yet to conquer.

But overall, this research paints a positive picture with consumer confidence beginning to return and spending habits on the rise. With 80% of consumers planning to spend the same or more than 2014 and 75% of consumers not worried about the cost of Christmas, retailers can expect a high volume of sales this year. Those that benefit most will be those that cover all channels this holiday season — paying particular attention to the relationship between online and offline shopping combined.

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