Customer Experience Measurement is Dead: Long Live CX Measurement

What is ‘Traditional’ Customer Experience Measurement?

To date, most customer experience measurement has been focussed on specific interactions. The point is twofold: first, to create real time operational performance metrics and second, to identify breaking points and fix at speed. Both of these objectives can be met with programmes that implement event-triggered questions asking the customer how they feel immediately after a specific interaction. Scores and comments are fed back to real time tracking dashboards for stakeholder use.

What is End-to-End Customer Experience Measurement?

End-to-end customer experience measurement brings all of the ‘traditional’ specific interaction measurements together, recognising that they are all intrinsically linked. It focuses on the emotional customer experience outcomes before, during and after the customer lifetime. It is not about ticking internal boxes for process improvement, staff appraisal or production of key performance indicators (KPIs).

How do you Move from ‘Traditional’ to ‘End-to-End’?

For an end-to-end customer experience management programme to be successful it needs a unified owner. Start here. This owner should exist under the rather modern C-suite title, ‘Customer Success Officer’ or a connotation thereof.

The Ultimate Goal…

You will know when your end-to-end customer experience management approach works because your organisational culture will change — every employee in every department will begin to ask, ‘How will that make my customer feel?’ or ‘Was that a success for the customer?’, ‘Did they leave that interaction with a more positive feeling than when they entered it?’



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