FlexMR’s 2020: Our Year in Review [Infographic]

Last year, I wrote a review of FlexMR’s journey to success in 2019, and mentioned that last year was a pretty tumultuous year… it’s safe to say that 2020 managed to blow that right out of the water!

Our Year in Review

Our Journey This Year

At FlexMR, we are fortunate to have successfully stayed afloat throughout the pandemic, by pulling together and figuring out the best way to keep working well remotely, and stay closely connected. Through remote weekly quizzes, virtual bake off events, department-run workshops, and sharing snaps of our brew rounds, we’ve kept just as close as we were in the office, got to know new team mates, and said goodbye to others.

FlexMR 2021 — What Comes Next:

Our success has only come through hard work and dedication to achieving our goals, and we have even more planned for next year:

  • We have already made a start on our events and awards calendar for 2021 — we’ll be announcing which events we’re participating in closer to the time, so stay posted!
  • As mentioned earlier, we have three brand new tools in development, aiming to help the users of InsightHub with their data analysis and insight activation endeavours — we will refine them in the next year and prepare for their exciting release onto the InsightHub platform.
  • We have a lot of brand new content to create from blogs, infographics, whitepaper reports, videos, templates, case studies, podcasts, and so much more — subscribe to our Insight Blog to keep up to date!

We empower brands to inform every decision at the speed of business by delivering on-demand insight and enterprise grade research technology. www.flexmr.net

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