Just in Time — Making Research More Efficient?

In the Insights Industry, we are constantly on the lookout for ways to become more efficient. We have found ways to automate extraneous processes, design more impactful research experiences (for researchers, stakeholders, and participants), and are exploring new ways to report valuable insights to help stakeholders activate insights to their fullest potential. But we still have a way to go until we are able to call ourselves a truly efficient working industry.

‘Just in Time’ Principles

Just in Time’ (JIT) manufacturing refers to the process of building something just before it’s needed to reduce the amount of waste that would otherwise have occurred. This waste was originally in the form of storage costs, time, and material resources, but now has a broader purview in the form of the management philosophy the phrase has come to represent.

  • Eliminating waste and mistakes
  • Good organisation and discipline
  • A kanban board for agile project management
  • Set-up time reduction (increases flexibility and promotes handling smaller batches)
  • Multi-skilled workforce (greater productivity, flexibility, etc.)
  • Mixed and levelled production to streamline the flow of products throughout the factory
  • The automation of extraneous processes
  • Problem signalling to highlight issues as soon as they happen
  • Preventative maintenance for flawless running
  • Greater individual involvement within the production process

The Benefits and Risks

Where could the JIT method be a boon and a hindrance to making market research processes more efficient? In market research, the JIT method could lend itself to developing quicker, more impactful insights — but it could also be just another fad stalling the insight generation and activation processes if not implemented properly.

Building a JIT-Based Methodology

So, are the risks bad enough to entirely put us off implementing the JIT method in the insights industry? Not quite.

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