Surveys, Video and the Changing Face of Agile Research

Agile research is a common talking point in the insights industry. We are constantly on the lookout for new tools, new techniques, new methodologies, new anything to help us design and implement agile research experiences easier, quicker, and cheaper than ever before. But we still haven’t reached the point where we can conclusively say that we are able to nail agile research experiences whenever we require it.

The Path to Agile

Towards the end of 2020, my colleague Heather Wendlandt conducted a little ad hoc research to find out what the true interpretation of agile seemed to be among insight professionals. What Heather found was a wide range of interpretations, with the majority (46%) believing agile meant ‘iterative’, just under a third of respondents believing it to mean ‘fast’, and the minority thinking it means ‘cheap’.

Effective and Efficient

The defining elements of iterative and fast agile research are efficiency and effectiveness. This blend of quantitative and qualitative data generation provides exactly that, with factual data gathering initiated through surveys, and emotional intelligence capturing through the video elements. There is a brilliant degree of flexibility involved in how we combine surveys and video, and it all depends on what sort of video you would like to use.

Agile Understanding

There have been a few studies and explorations conducted throughout recent years, one of our own Tribes report included, that all reveal a significant gap between when respondents say and what they do. Surveys, while a great adaptable tool, can only really capture insights based on what the respondents say they do rather than what they actually are likely to do. So, there is a crucial need a bit of qualitative influence in these research projects to close this gap even a little bit so we are able to get to the truest response and insights possible — only through combining surveys and video are we in with a chance of understanding consumer behaviour.

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