The Importance of Delegation in Managing Insight Activities

Delegation is one of the most important management skills we could learn in any profession. The ability to hand off the right task to the right person can be tough, especially if you’re not sure if you have the right person on hand, but mostly because it’s one of the biggest acts of trust you can find within the corporate workplace.

The Balance of Delegation

Delegation is an important, albeit overlooked, piece of the puzzle to scaling the influence and ability of insight professionals in both agencies and in-house teams. It allows insight teams to operate at maximum efficiency, however, there is still a question of how we can do that effectively. For some, it means allocating tasks and duties to those who are qualified and experienced enough to do them; but for others it means training individuals to be able to turn their hand to any task, so they can do it if the team needs them to.

Impactful Delegation in the Real World

Lending some valuable real-world experience on the matter, we’ve spoken to Alice Williams from the Research & Insight team at British Gas about how they have adapted over time to split activities and responsibilities more effectively:

Key Tactics for the Insights Industry

So, how do we delegate tasks to the right people? One good starting point is to take stock of who is on your team, what their strengths are, where their weaknesses lie, and how to help them work in the best way towards the shared goals of the team. Once you know who is on your team, you can arrange to delegate the regular tasks and duties out to those who have the time and capabilities to do so. Then when any surprise tasks emerge, you already have an idea of who to delegate that task to through this thorough understanding of your team.

Scaling the Influence of an Insights Team

One last path worth a mention is scaling the influence of an in-house research team through delegating responsibilities to a research agency. In this way, insight professionals in agencies can act as an extension to the in-house research team as and when needed, so in-house insight professionals can focus more on data analysis or insight activation.

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