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Transforming Research into a Force for Good in Society

Research is important to understanding and aiding a society in motion; a society which questions itself and through extensive research various social phenomena can be analysed and made better. All appropriate and accurate research can be transformed to be a force for good for society as a whole.

The Importance of Research

Research is crucial as it allows us to understand a subject or problem in a profound way and will yield the necessary solutions to solve the problems raised in society. With the passing of time, research has evolved in conjunction with society, but despite the great advances, we cannot solve every problem, which is one of the main purposes of research.

Research is crucial as it allows us to understand a subject or problem in a profound way and will yield the necessary solutions to solve the problems raised in society.

This type of research is sometimes called Transformation Research, the results of which greatly contribute to and is responsible for the material, cultural and social development of societies across the world. It also responds to the needs of society, influences it and solves problems, which have a positive impact on global development.

A Force for Good in Everyday Life

Campaigns like these typically produce positive changes or prevent negative changes in health-related behaviours in large populations, and they have long been a tool for promoting public health so they can have a large effect on health knowledge, beliefs and attitudes, which can have a great impact on public health given the broad reach of the media.

Other examples of this on a global scale can be seen in: cancer detection and prevention campaigns; evaluation of research on strategies to promote breastfeeding in developing countries; strategies to limit tobacco, alcohol and illicit drug use; and the promotion of nutrition, activity and the prevention of heart disease.

The perception of the consumer is determinant in all research projects, and local governments are using this knowledge to their advantage. Customer knowledge is a continuous program that evolves with changes in the needs of citizens and customers, the political priorities of a council and the landscape of local, regional and national policies. It should be integrated into the day-to-day mechanisms for performance management, decision making and commitment. Understanding the interactions of an individual client with the advice, a ‘single view of the client’, is fundamental to configure a single source of ‘clean’ data in a client. This can be used to develop a reliable customer analysis.

An Unexpected Force for Good

The Government’s goal as stated in their ‘Areas of Research Interest’ is to raise awareness and understanding amongst the external research community of DWP’s research priorities, and encourage and facilitate closer working between DWP and external experts within the areas of research interest. The ambition is for increased engagement and collaboration between the Government and external research communities. This will enhance DWP’s capability and capacity to answer complex and important questions by allowing DWP to draw on a wider range of UK and international expertise and evidence; through this they can exploit more diverse and innovative research methods, which can generate different perspectives and insights and therefore help provide more complete answers to particular research questions. This research will also help build and develop DWP’s own internal capability to generate world class analyses through knowledge transfer, using the results of this future research for the betterment of the UK population.

Research in Charities and NGOs

Charities and NGOs face two major challenges in terms of market research, which are budgetary constraints and the understanding of perceptions on the part of a mass-sensitive public.


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