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What Exactly is a Chief Insights Officer?

The role of a Chief Insights Officer (CIO) is still a very new concept that has come about with the surge in market research needs across all industries. With that being said, not all businesses know what a CIO actually is — so what is a Chief insight Officer?

The Role of a Chief Insights Officer

The role of Chief Insights Officer will resonate with other job titles such as Chief Data Officer or Chief Research Officer, and while there may be crossovers, there are differences.

Most likely, the role a Chief Insights Officer will resonate a lot with other job titles, such as Chief Data Officer, Chief Research Officer, Chief Analytics Officer, Chief Information Officer, and even in some cases titles like Director of Insights. As a Chief Insight Officer, after the two core tasks stated above, their job is not very easy to define as the role can be very flexible to fit business’ needs.

One thing you can be sure of, is that a Chief Insight Officer has the responsibility of liaising with numerous positions, and departments within the business. From managing the in-house insights team, to bringing problems to life in front of key stakeholders, and even working with external teams, such as market research agencies.

Business Benefits of a CIO

Flexible to the business’ needs

More direction in terms of research and insights

Ability to bring issues to life in the boardroom

Improved communication between internal teams, and also external

Growth responsibilities

CIO — The Key to Better Research

From experience, working alongside companies both with CIOs and without, the organisation element of research activities is noticeably more efficient where there is one person in charge, as it enables us to work alongside the company much more smoothly, with a structured and organised method in place on how and when each research study is to be carried out. The CIO tends to have much more of a holistic view of the research activities occurring at one time, and allows us to be on the same page much more easily.

From streamlining communication to enabling the development of organisational structures, Chief Insight Officers are so much more than just insights advocates in the boardroom.

Building on the improved organisation of research activities, having one point of contact for the research agency is beneficial for both us (the agency) and the company. Instead of having multiple points of contact in one company, which ultimately brings with it differences in which people like to work, having the CIO as a single point of contact who acts as the mediator between those in the company who want to run the research and us, the agency, allows for much better communication between us.

As the single point of contact, the CIO is able to develop a way in which they find it best to communicate what they want from a research study, both in terms of objectives and the output. This creates better direction, and creates a more streamlined understanding of what they need and what the agency needs to carry out a study to create the most benefit possible, every time.

The original version of this article appeared on the FlexMR Insight Blog and can be accessed here.

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