Zoom Out — Big Picture Data Reporting

At this moment in time, if we google “data reporting formats”, even adding a descriptor like “modern” or “innovative” to it, the first few organic results are always How to Write a Data Report or The Best Tools for Data Reporting, all filled with data presentation software producing graphs, charts, and data tables. This makes some sense as it’s what insight professionals have relied on since the first survey was conducted and what stakeholders outside of the insights industry are used to.

Creative Data Formats

We don’t have to ditch the data tables entirely, as they can be useful; we can infuse them in with other methods to provide an air of familiarity while also engaging stakeholders to the best of our ability. So here are a few data reporting formats to get the creative juices flowing:

Interactive Assets

There are a few reporting formats that we can make interactive to engage stakeholders in the complex insights and storylines. The firsts format is dashboards. Now, dashboards have been around for a while, but they’re not used to their best capacity and there are some arguments denouncing their effectiveness.

Motion Pictures

Videos are a popular topic of discussion with very advantageous benefits in the insight generation and activation processes. So, let’s not go over the obvious merits and instead look at the ways in which we can boost our use of video to really communicate those complex storylines and help stakeholders see the bigger picture when making decisions.

Insightful Infographic

Infographics are currently used to communicate data in some ways, but usually through displaying data charts, graphs and tables with pretty branded colours and insight summaries. Let’s take it further, because there is so much untapped potential within infographics to help us communicate those big picture insights. At FlexMR, we’ve shown that infographics can be used to tell a story and engage stakeholders at the same time.

Event-Based Reporting

One criterion determining which format to choose is how much time insight professionals have to create the report. If we’re putting together an ad-hoc report then obviously we’ll need to create something good in a short space of time. But if there is a scheduled report upcoming then you can take a bit more time to create the story, choose the best format to represent the insights and engage stakeholders to the best of your ability.

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